So easy, yet so difficult

Here is a game. If anyone in this world can play this game successfully, then she will be able to prove the existence of God with the help of science.

Let us suppose that this universe has a creator. If this creator is to keep proof of his existence in the created world in such a way that it can be easily recognized as proof of a creator, then which proof will he keep?

Anybody can play this game, theists and atheists alike, because it starts with a supposition only.

Why the first cause must be uncaused

There is a reason as to why the first cause must have to be uncaused. We can find this reason from our concept of The Whole.

The concept of The Whole is an exceptionally extraordinary concept because this concept not only gives us the evidence that there is a God but at the same time it also gives us the reason why that God must be uncaused.

Wave-function of the universe shows multiverse is impossible

Physicists are now saying that spacetime is emergent. Theoretical physicist Sean Carroll has already authored and published a book: ‘Something deeply hidden: quantum worlds and the emergence of spacetime’.

But, do these physicists actually know what emergent spacetime signifies? Perhaps they will be shocked and embarrassed if they come to know that this signifies that there is something eternal and everlasting in nature.

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God and the Multiverse

Below is a quote from the Mindscape presented by theoretical physicist Sean Carroll. Here, two physicists, Carroll and Leonard Susskind are discussing the fine-tuning of parameters and the existence of the multiverse.


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