Is not SR a Valid Scientific Theory? Part I

Atheists do have some deep basic convictions. When science does in no way contradict these basic convictions of them, they are whole-heartedly with science. However if any scientific theory contradicts in any way any single basic conviction of them, they do not hesitate to go against science.

The two most basic convictions of the atheists are:
• There is nothing supernatural; and
• Whatever exists, exists within space-time only. So nothing can exist outside space-time.

Not Only the Believers but the Atheists as Well Can Be Close-Minded

It is not that only believers are close-minded; there are lots of atheists and non-believers who are close-minded as well. I will give just one example here.

Easiest Way to Prove that There is a God (New Version)

Recently I put the following question to an atheist:

‘Can you name a single thing in nature that has the property of hardness, but that is not hard itself?’

His reply was this:

‘That doesn’t make sense.’

Then again I wrote to him:

Fine Tuning Argument not Required for Proving the Existence of God

It is not actually necessary that “fine tuning” of certain parameters will have to exist in reality for proving the existence of God. I think light with its very peculiar properties is sufficient for that purpose.

The Why-question for the Light

There is a general consensus among the physicists that space and time do not exist for the light. This is as per the relativity theory. If existence means existing in space and time, then it can even be said that the light does not exist at all! Yes, some people have gone so far as to say just the same thing about the light that the light does not exist for itself, but that it exists for everything else. But my point is not that one. My point is that how space and time become non-existent for the light when we know very well that they cannot be so by any natural means.


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