Time-energy uncertainty relation shows the universe is everlasting

Heisenberg’s time-energy uncertainty relation is given by the below equation:
Δt ΔE ≥ ℏ/2

While commenting in a blog by German physicist Sabine Hossenfelder, another physicist has written the following in one of his comments in the comment section:
“Small ΔE means long lifetime.”1

My starting point will be this: Small ΔE means long lifetime.

If small ΔE means long lifetime, then, what will have to be the lifetime if ΔE is to be zero?

We have already seen that Δt ΔE ≥ ℏ/2.

Why spacetime is not fundamental

Now, we all know that spacetime is not fundamental, because physicists are saying so. But, do we know the reason why spacetime cannot be fundamental?

This is a physics question as well as a philosophy question.

If we say that X is a fundamental ingredient of the universe, then we will have to admit that whatever will exist in it, will need X for its existence. Nothing can exist without it.

However, if there is something in the universe that does not need X for its existence, then X cannot be called a fundamental ingredient of the universe.

Is mystical experience a hallucination?

Mystics who have claimed that they have a direct vision of God
have always described that God as spaceless and timeless. But mystical experiences have been discarded by secular-minded people as merely a hallucination.

Here is a Medical Definition of Hallucination: A profound distortion in a person's perception of reality, typically accompanied by a powerful sense of reality. A hallucination may be a sensory experience in which a person can see, hear, smell, taste, or feel something that is not there.

Why Nature is red in Tooth and Claw

In one YouTube comment thread, a person wrote the following:

Spaceless, Timeless, and Immaterial

1) Physicists have shown that the total energy of the universe is zero.
2) SR has shown that mass and energy are equivalent.
3) Again GR has shown that space, time, and matter are so interlinked that there cannot be any spacetime without matter; similarly, there cannot be any matter without spacetime. There is a saying of Einstein on this: "When forced to summarize the general theory of relativity in one sentence: Time and space and gravitation have no separate existence from matter." (Source: Google search)


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