Seeing the universe from the inside looking out

My philosophy is very simple. The universe is actually and ultimately composed of the same thing that apprehends the universe. That is, that which apprehends the universe is that of which the universe is actually composed. What Exists at every point in the universe, and in all likelihood beyond, is the same thing that Exists directly where each Individual Exists, which is the Consciousness that apprehends experience.

The nature of spiritual bondage

There is no bondage other than that which we create for ourselves. And the bondage we create is to trap ourselves into mode of creating unwanted rather than wanted experience through the mechanism of experiential entanglement, whereby we become locked into a resistant mode of being, locked into a relation of Self-resistance, owing to the way we habitually react to physical reality by trying to push away the unwanted and clinging to the wanted, i.e., through aversion and attachment.

The negative and positive limitations inherent in the Individual's creation of experience

All experience is the product of a relation in which the Individual that apprehends the relation must themselves be involved. The necessity of the Individual's involvement in some relation in order to create whatever they apprehend as experience imposes certain limitations upon what it is possible for an Individual to create as experience in any one moment according to the relations in which that Individual must already be involved in order to create what they are already, in that moment, apprehending as experience.

Existential cause and experiential effect

We do not live in a material world. That we live in a material world is an illusion. The material world is an experiential world, and as such it is a reflection that rests upon the Mirror of What Actually Exists, and it is in the world of the Mirror that we actually live, whether we know it or not. That is, the material world is not itself an illusion, as it exists as a reality, i.e., as an experiential reality, as a reflection exists on the surface of a mirror.

Do not let the moment take you out of the Now

Last night I had a dream, and in that dream there was a billboard that contained the following message:

"Do not let the moment take you out of the Now."

Now usually I do not remember such things but in this case it was clear enough that upon awaking from the dream I repeated it and so was able to still remember it in the morning. Then, in my usual morning meditation, I focused upon this phrase to see what understanding would come forth.


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