Why Nature is red in Tooth and Claw

In one YouTube comment thread, a person wrote the following:

He had watched a documentary on animals and sea life. He was watching how vicious nature could be. Sharks were killing seals, and alligators were killing zebras that crossed the river, lions were killing their prey, and on and on. After seeing all these, he started thinking about whether God was also like this. If we look at nature, we will see things appear calm on the one hand, and on another, things look so chaotic. Was it that God also meant for everything to be as it was? People will be killing other people, and then there will be all the crime, sickness, poverty, starvation, suffering, etc.? If one thinks about it, it all happens in nature, and we humans are all part of nature. So, if this is God's nature as well, then we are all doomed!

The following was my reply to him:

There is an easy explanation for that. It was God’s method of family planning and birth control.

Think of a situation when there were only herbivores on this planet and no carnivores to keep their numbers in check and balance. What would have happened after millions and millions of years? All these herbivores would have gone extinct due to an extreme food shortage; the earth would also have turned into a desert. In that situation, no new species could appear on earth.

But God created this universe to bring someone in it with whom he would be able to communicate. So, to preserve the greens on earth, God had to adopt this cruel method. That is because man had not yet appeared on the scene at that period that could use their intelligence to invent an effective means of birth control for these herbivorous animals.

Once man has appeared on earth, now all these carnivorous animals can go extinct. There is no need for any wildlife conservation for these carnivores.