Hard thing

Property of Hardness

Recently I put the following question to two persons both of whom are atheists:

“Can you name a single thing in nature that has the property of hardness but that is not hard itself?”

Reply from one person was this: “That does not make sense.”

However the second person’s reply was that it is sand. After getting this reply I wrote back to him again:

Easiest way to prove that there is a God

Easiest Way to prove that there is a God

We know that at the speed of light time totally stops. With this scanty material in our hand we can easily show that there is indeed a timeless and deathless entity in our universe.

For doing this we will have to philosophize a bit here, although we know very well that most of the scientists hate philosophy. But we are helpless. However, we promise that it will be as simple as possible.

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