Theories of Relativity suggest Universe has originated from Primordial Something

From Einstein’s special theory of relativity we come to know that matter and energy are equivalent. Matter is concentrated energy and energy is diluted matter. Again from GTR we come to know that space, time and matter are so interlinked that there cannot be any space and time without matter. Similarly there cannot be any matter without space and time. So we see that all these four are interlinked; we cannot think of any one of these four entities singularly, isolatedly. Whenever we will think of energy, we will have to think of matter.

Can Multiverse Theory be true if the total energy of the univese is zero?

The first half of the 20th century brought a revolutionary change into our concept about space and time. Earlier it was thought that space and time were having independent existence, and that they were absolute. Even if all the matter disappeared from the universe, space would remain the same and unaffected. Similar view was held about time also, that time flowed in the same way throughout the universe and that this flow did not depend on anything. But with the coming of Einstein’s theory of relativity our concept about space and time has undergone a total and drastic change.

The cause that makes space and time relative in our universe must lie outside the universe

The cause that makes space and time to be relative in our universe must lie outside our universe. Otherwise we will have to admit that there was a time when they were not relative, but absolute.

The Why-question for the Light

There is a general consensus among the physicists that space and time do not exist for the light. This is as per the relativity theory. If existence means existing in space and time, then it can even be said that the light does not exist at all! Yes, some people have gone so far as to say just the same thing about the light that the light does not exist for itself, but that it exists for everything else. But my point is not that one. My point is that how space and time become non-existent for the light when we know very well that they cannot be so by any natural means.

Go for God

Go for God

Summary: If there is a phenomenon in this universe which forever defies natural description, and if science is also found to be incapable of providing a plausible account of it based on material processes alone, then there, and there only, God can show up by proving to be necessary.


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