God is not Purely Imaginary

God is not purely imaginary, because God has also been described as spaceless and timeless.

In this 21st century, physicists are no longer saying that spacetime is fundamental; rather, they are saying that it is emergent.

If an entity is emergent, then in general, that will mean these three things:
1) The emergent entity cannot have any existence prior to its emergence.
2) The emergent entity (A) cannot emerge from just anything or nothing; it can emerge from some particular entity or entities (B) only.
3) B must pre-exist before the emergence of A.

The above three will also be true for emergent spacetime as well.

Spacetime is emergent means the source from which spacetime has emerged cannot be within any spacetime, for the simple reason that there cannot be any spacetime prior to its emergence. Physicists are describing this source as non-spatiotemporal.

'Non-spatiotemporal' is the new scientific term for the old term 'spaceless and timeless'. The special theory of relativity has combined the two separate entities space and time into one single entity: spacetime. So, scientists can no longer use the old term ‘spaceless and timeless’; instead, they use the new term ‘non-spatiotemporal’.

So, emergent spacetime has shown that there is something spaceless and timeless (aka, non-spatiotemporal) in nature from which our known spacetime has emerged.

This is the objectively real part in man's imagination of God.

As we have come to know that spacetime is not fundamental but emergent, so some questions arise here that are given below:

1) Was spacetime fundamental or emergent when the universe began to expand from the Big Bang?
2) If it was fundamental, then is there any scientific evidence in support of it? If yes, then how did scientists get that evidence? And also, from where did they get that evidence?
3) If it was fundamental, then how and when has it become emergent by losing its fundamental nature?
4) However, if it was emergent, then would it not require the prior presence of NSE from which only it could emerge?

Moreover, if an entity is emergent, then how can it be the case that it was fundamental at an earlier time, and that it has become emergent afterwards by losing its fundamental nature? Would it not be more reasonable to assume that if it is emergent now, then earlier also it was emergent, and that it will remain so in future as well?

One can easily understand what will be the implication of this. Spacetime being emergent, would require the prior presence of this NSE for its emergence from it, when the universe began expanding from the Big Bang.

In the CCC model of Roger Penrose, this NSE would have to be eternal and everlasting, because every time a big bang has occurred or will occur, whether in the infinite past, or in the far distant future, spacetime would have required, or would require, the prior presence of this NSE for its emergence from it.