For an extraordinary claim, there is extraordinary evidence

In one YouTube comment thread, someone has written: 'Furthermore, the concept of being spaceless and timeless is the same as not existing at all'.

God is said to be spaceless and timeless. As this is an extraordinary claim, so a shred of extraordinary evidence is required for it.

Happily, a shred of extraordinary evidence for it has been kept in nature for the non-believers in general by the creative force of the universe.

There are two theories in science that are treated by the scientists not only as a theory but as a fact as well. These two theories are Darwin’s theory of evolution and Einstein’s special theory of relativity. Darwin’s theory of evolution is not relevant here for our discussion and so, I will not say anything about it.

Below is a quote about the special theory of relativity:

‘Special relativity has been exhaustively tested (relativistic effects have been verified all the way down to walking speed), and works so perfectly that it is now held up as the yardstick against which all new theories are tested.’
(Ref: Q: How/Why are Quantum Mechanics and Relativity incompatible? Ask a mathematician/Ask a physicist)

In the special theory of relativity (SR), there are two equations that show that at the speed of light time totally stops and that any distance light has to travel becomes zero for it. Even infinite distance becomes zero for light! If a certain volume of space (say, a room) is filled up with light only, then due to these two properties of the light volume of that room would become zero and time also would totally stop there. If the entire universe is filled up with light only, then in that case also the volume of the entire universe would be zero. As zero volume means no space, so in this way, a spaceless and timeless state would obtain.

As human beings, we have a physical body. This physical body has a certain volume. So, as human beings, we occupy a certain amount of space within the universe that is equal to the volume of our physical body. And we will occupy that amount of space for so long we will remain alive.

If we claim about the light that it is within the space-time of the universe, then we will have to specify these two things about light: how much space does it occupy and for how long does it occupy that space.

Let us take one concrete example. A photon coming from a star lying at a distance of ten billion light-years from the earth will take ten billion years of earth’s time to reach the surface of the earth. As per SR, the distance from the place of origin of light to its ultimate destination is zero and time taken for light to arrive at its destination from its place of origin is also zero. That means as per SR there is no space in between the star and the earth for light to exist. Similarly, for light, there is no time to exist because its total travel time has also become zero. So, as per SR for these entire 10 billion years of earth’s time light will occupy zero space for zero time within the space-time of the universe. This is as good as saying that for this entire length of earth’s time light will be neither in space nor in time. Then it will be absorbed by someone or something on the surface of the earth.

So, if one claims that for something to exist it must be within some space and time, then as per her light does not exist.

However, one can claim that as a theory SR is wrong because it shows light occupies zero space for zero time. In that case, she will have to provide an alternate theory that will replace SR and that will show that light occupies some space for some time.

Below is a suggestion on how SR can be modified:

So far as I can remember, there are these two equations in Einstein’s special theory of relativity:
l1 = l(1-v2/c2)1/2……. (1)
t1 = t((1-v2/c2)1/2……. (2)

From the above two equations two conclusions can be drawn that are as follows:
1) Time and distance are not absolute, they are relative;
2) At light speed, both time and distance become unreal.

Now reality may be such that
1) Time and distance are only relative, but nowhere unreal (A),
2) Time and distance are relative as well as unreal (somewhere) (B).

If reality is A, then the above two equations are not required at all to represent that reality; it can be equally represented by the following two equations:
l1 = l(1-v2/xc2)1/2……. (3)
t1 = t((1-v2/xc2)1/2……. (4)

In (3) and (4) above, x will have a value greater than one but less than infinity. But it cannot have a value equal to one or infinity. If the value of x is one, then we will go back to Einstein’s equations, whereas if its value equals infinity, then we will have Newton’s equations instead.

From (3) and (4) above, it can clearly be seen that time and distance will be relative as before, but they will never be unreal even at the speed of light due to the presence of the factor 1/x in the equations.

Newton’s equations have been rejected because now we have come to realize that there are no such things as absolute space or absolute time.

If reality is A, but not B, then the time has also come to reject Einstein’s equations as well, and to replace them with (3) and (4) above.

Einstein’s equations will be required if, and only if, it is agreed upon that somewhere out there, there is a region where space and time are unreal (an ideal abode for a spaceless and timeless God).