Can the universe come from nothing if space-time is emergent?

Once scientists have come to the conclusion that space-time is not fundamental but emergent, now many things will change in physics and cosmology. One such change is that cosmologists can no longer hold that the universe has originated from nothing.

This is because an entity that is emergent cannot emerge from just anything or nothing; it can emerge from some particular entity or entities only. Those scientists who are saying that the universe can and will create itself from nothing because there is a force such as gravity, are also saying along with it that space-time can also originate from nothing. So, here they are claiming that at the beginning of the universe space-time was fundamental because it had come straight from nothing, thus not requiring the prior presence of any particular entity/entities from which only it could emerge in case it was emergent.

But whatever knowledge scientists have acquired about the external world is from the present universe only. From the present universe, scientists have acquired the knowledge about space-time that it is not fundamental. So, if they now claim that at the beginning of the universe space-time was fundamental, then our question to them will be: From where have they acquired the knowledge that space-time was fundamental at the beginning of the universe? Is it from the present universe? Or, is it from some supernatural source? Or, is it their intuition?

Have they themselves observed the universe directly coming from nothing? So, what is their source of knowledge that space-time was fundamental at the beginning?