Himansu S. Pal's Brief Biography


My name is Himangsu Sekhar Pal. I am a Bengali, an Indian. I was born in a suburban town near Kolkata in the month of December, 1945. But the school in which I was studying (St. Paul’s School) in Kolkata made some mistake in recording it, and my official birthday known to the world is 11.01.1946. After completing school I studied Electrical Engineering in Jadavpur University, and I graduated from there in the year 1967. Then I joined the Telecom service under The Government of India. Although it was an underemployment for a graduate engineer, still I willingly took it in order to be able to stay in Kolkata so that I could pursue my study in the subjects in which I really found interest. Literature was my first love, but I also liked to read books on philosophy, science, etc. I had my first mystical experience in the year 1965 or 1966. Most probably it will be 1966, but I could not exactly remember now. In the year 1970 I was returning home from my office, and I was on the road walking. Suddenly a thought came to my mind as if in a flash that I would have to prove the existence of God. From that day onwards this has become my life’s mission. So far I have written and published four books in Bengali, two of which were poetry books. The other two were my somehow premature attempt to prove the existence of God. All these four books were written in a pen-name. However I have published one book in my real name also and that is in English. I am married, and thus not a celibate like most of the earlier mystics. This is my life’s story.

Although I know very well that there is a God, still one point should be made very clear here. I am not much religious, and I also believe in the freedom of thought. Therefore I cannot support any organized religion, and I belong to none of them. Neither do I believe in the inherent goodness of God. Rather like Einstein I will also say that subtle is He, but not malicious!