Stephen Hawking

On Emergent Space-Time and the Existence of God

In one YouTube comment thread one atheist has asked this question: ‘Who created the creator? Oh, what's that? The creator doesn't need a creator?'

He has also written that if the creator doesn't need a creator, then that would be special pleading. He has also stated that if the creator doesn't need a creator then by extension the universe, which created us, also doesn't need one. So, why should we bother conjuring up an additional step? He has also asked: is it turtles all the way?

Here I enter in the thread.

My Encounter with God: Part VIII

As I got the first proof/evidence for the existence of God, so I thought that time had come to publish my book in Bengali. But then an incident happened on which I had no control whatsoever. I was suddenly transferred to a remote part of India. Of course it was a routine transfer, because the job I was doing was under the Government of India, and therefore there was every possibility to be transferred to any part of India during my service life. The place where I was transferred was in the north-eastern part of India. It was called Nagaland.

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