Fine Tuning Argument not Required for Proving the Existence of God

It is not actually necessary that “fine tuning” of certain parameters will have to exist in reality for proving the existence of God. I think light with its very peculiar properties is sufficient for that purpose.

Will there ever be any physical explanation for 'X', if 'X' is not physically real?

In a debate between Dr. William Lane Craig and Quentin Smith on March 22, 1996 Dr. Craig has thus given a theistic notion of God in his opening arguments: "a personal Creator, uncaused, beginningless, changeless, immaterial, timeless, spaceless, enormously powerful, and intelligent."

My Encounter with God Part X

As the proof/evidence that I have given in my book failed to convince the reviewer and a big portion of the readers who read that review about the existence of God, so I went on searching for other proof/evidence.


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