God’s Existence cannot be Demonstrated by any Experiment. However God’s Presence can be Detected

An atheist has recently asked me to briefly describe an experiment by means of which God’s existence can be demonstrated. In reply I have to write to him that God’s existence cannot be demonstrated in this way, however God’s presence can be detected. For that purpose we will have to first posit that there is a God. But before positing any God we will have to first define this God, because there are many religions on earth and each religion has its own concept of God. So who's God to posit here? Now when we utter the word ‘God’, what do we mean to say by that word? We mean to say that there is a creator that has created everything. That means for us the word ‘God’ is a synonym for creator. As God is the creator of everything, so before creation there was no one else, nothing else other than God. From this we can logically derive what attributes this creator God can possibly have. I have already described those attributes of God in detail here.1 So here we will posit that there is a God with those attributes only and with no other attributes.

In this connection we will have to remember one thing. If there is really a God, then this God is not the God of this earth only, but the God of the entire universe. So whatever myths have been created about this God by different religions on earth cannot have any value to other civilizations in outer space if they are really there and therefore we cannot, and should not, try to define or describe this God based on any one of these myths.

Now the question comes: how the presence of this God can be detected. For this purpose we will denote the universe by U and God by G. If there is a God, then we will write U+G. Otherwise we will simply write U.

Now if U+G, then it may so happen that the mere presence of G will have some direct effects on U, which effects should not be there if U only and which effects can also be detected by scientific method. It may also so happen that even if U+G, the presence of G will have no effects on U. In the second case although there will be a God, yet we will never be able to know the presence of this God by scientific means. However as I have already written that God’s presence can be detected, so I have already assumed that the mere presence of G has some direct effects on U that can be detected by science.

Now what are the effects that the presence of G will have on U? The following will be the effects:

1) One effect is that due to the presence of G volume of U must be zero. This is due to the fact that we have described G as spaceless and all-pervading at the same time. If G was only spaceless but not all-pervading, or if G was only all-pervading but not spaceless, then we would not have said that volume of U must be zero. But G being spaceless and all-pervading at the same time, volume of U cannot be other than zero. This is because spaceless means no space or zero space, whereas all-pervading means G’s presence at each and every point of U. These two combined will cause the volume of U to be zero.
2) Another effect will be that the distance from any point of space to each and every other point of space must be zero. That means there will be no real space gap between any two points of space chosen arbitrarily. This is also due to the fact that G is all-pervading and spaceless.
3) Another similar effect will be that there will be no real time gap between any two moments of time. This is due to the fact that G is timeless.
4) Space and time will be relative due to the fact that G is spaceless and timeless.

I have already discussed about 2) and 3) elaborately here2 and about 4) here3.

Now let us suppose that scientists have found that all the above effects are really there on U. Will scientists then admit that there is G? No, then they will try to give some excuse. They will then say that all these effects are not due to the presence of G, but due to some other natural reasons. However if they ultimately fail to give any alternative explanation for all the above four, then our explanation will only hold good in each and every case above.

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