Quantum Buddhist Mind-only Solution, Mystical Experiences & Metaphysical Thoughts

Quantum Buddhist Mind-only Solution, Mystical Experiences & Metaphysical Thoughts

Reflections on Some Misrepresentations of Buddhist Philosophy & a Quantum Buddhist Mind-only Solution (Part I) by Graham P. Smetham

The metaphysical implications of the Yogācāra-Vijnanavada ‘consciousness-only’ school of Buddhist psycho-metaphysics has become an issue of some debate amongst some Western philosophers with an interest in Buddhist philosophy. The ‘canonical’ view amongst many significant scholars is that, as the name suggests, this perspective asserts that the ultimate nature of the process of reality is nondual primordial consciousness/awareness. On this ‘Idealist’ view the external apparently material world is considered to be a mind-created illusion. However, some contemporary Western philosophers are offering seemingly more materialist, or non-committal as to the existence of an external material world, versions. This article examines such claims and exposes their deficiencies. A quantum-Mind-Only Yogācāra-Vijnanavada perspective is explored. Part I: See http://scigod.com/index.php/sgj/article/view/444 & Part II: http://scigod.com/index.php/sgj/article/view/445

Werner Heisenberg & the Samadhi by C. Aguilar-Chávez, B. E. Carvajal-Gámez, J. López-Bonilla

The realization of the illusory nature of physical world represented for Heisenberg the most defining achievement in his entire distinguished scientific career. This realization was even more meaningful to Heisenberg than the Nobel Prize. If it were possible for more men and women dedicated to science to experience the sublime Samadhi, they would learn that the spirituality is fundamental to the study of the Universe. See http://scigod.com/index.php/sgj/article/view/429

Sri Aurobindo at Alipore Jail by J. López-Bonilla

In this essay, I comment on the mystical experiences of Sri Aurobindo at Alipore jail which may be best summarized by his own words: “Spiritual life finds its better expression in the common life with the force from Yoga [; b]y connecting internal and external life to harmonize them, will allow humanity to become powerful and divine.” See http://scigod.com/index.php/sgj/article/view/441

Subhashitas: Metaphysical Thoughts (Part 1 & 2) Domadal Pramod

In Sanskrit literature the word “Subhashita” means good message. These subhashitas are condensed forms of messages with immense meaning and moral values. These may be termed as metaphysical thoughts for a better life in the society. This paper presents subhashitas based on spirituality which are occurred while giving physics lecturers, presenting talks and attending discourses at various places over the long period of my teaching profession. These are properly composed and compared with dissimilar objects to make authentic concepts and valuable information. These subhashitas would stimulate scientists, scholars and students to investigate in different dimensions for any discoveries for the benefit of the society. Part 1: See http://scigod.com/index.php/sgj/article/view/447 & Part 2: See http://scigod.com/index.php/sgj/article/view/448

First-hand Experience of the Self through Imagination by Contzen Pereira, J. S. K. Reddy

Imagination is the art of exploring beyond the depths of one’s body. Imagination allows one to peek into the void to realize the true existence of its self and feel the existence of eternity. The experience of imagination is a subjective experience of one’s own consciousness and it is this experience makes the experiencer worthy. Creation and creativity are the end aspects of imagination and unfold the hidden mysteries of the cosmos. This essay is a trip across the cosmic energy that creates the self for experiencing its self - a first-hand experience through the virtuosity of imagination. See http://scigod.com/index.php/sgj/article/view/443

Lawrence Krauss' Faulty Logic by Himangsu S. Pal

From the mere possibility that the total energy of our present Universe is zero, it cannot be concluded that it has actually originated from nothing, because even if it has originated from something, its total energy would be zero as I argued previously in this journal. Thus, Lawrence Krauss and perhaps some other materialist scientists along with him, have wrongly concluded that, as the total energy of the Universe is found to be zero, it must have come from nothing. See http://scigod.com/index.php/sgj/article/view/449

Where Some Materialistic Scientists Have Gone Wrong by Himangsu S. Pal

In this essay, I argue that there are at least three cases where some materialistic scientists have gone wrong so far. See http://scigod.com/index.php/sgj/article/view/450

My Journey in Samapatti by Alan J. Oliver

I am aware that the Samapatti experiences and the two kinds of memory are, in accordance with the many Hindu traditions, only available to someone who is 'established' in the Samadhi state. Established meaning that is the person's normal state. Being born that way implies an individual level of attainment, as information, can influence an incoming life. In other words, it is the information which reincarnates. See http://scigod.com/index.php/sgj/article/view/451