Description of Experiencings, Paraphysical Jurisprudence & the Process of Becoming 'I'

Description of Experiencings, Paraphysical Jurisprudence & the Process of Becoming 'I'

Valid Description of Experiencings & Thereby of Behaviors & Situations by Merton Krause

Human consciousness consists of a flux of experiencings, some referring to one’s own or to others’ situations or behaviors. Scientific human Psychology’s most fundamental responsibility is to describe and causally explain these three kinds of psychological events, which it can do only on the basis of persons’ descriptions of their experiencings. The privacy and momentariness of experiencings prevents proof of the veridicality of descriptions of them or their referents. These descriptions can therefore qualify as scientific data only on the basis of their validity, which first depends on their conformity to the scientific definitions of the dimensions of the specific kinds of experiencings described and of the situations or behaviors these may refer to. Persons comparably trained in applying these definitions should be relied on to judge the validity of such descriptions, and only their collegially approved descriptions of psychological events can properly constitute scientific human Psychology’s data base. See

Paraphysical Jurisprudent Massacre Mediation by Richard L. Amoroso

It is possible and thereby feasible to develop and implement a pragmatic methodology for a preemptive evidentiary system of ‘Paraphysical Jurisprudence’ for mediating the occurrence of massacres. A required comprehensive completion and formalizing of the tools of epistemology (theory of knowledge) already exists and has been tested both ecumenically and scientifically. The evolution of epistemology has followed the historical progression from myth and superstition to logic and reason to empiricism and now finally to the utility of ‘transcendence’ as a tool in knowledge acquisition. An inspiring example from popular culture is illustrated in the 2002 Hollywood film noir “Minority Report” designed by its director to present a ‘plausible future world’ for the year 2054 wherein an elaborate ‘Precrime Unit’ is tested to prevent murder by utilizing a trio of ‘precogs’ bathed in a ‘photonic milk’ able to presciently predetermine impending occurrences of homicide for which the Precrime Police Unit then intervenes to prevent. Disdain for a putative so-called scientific metaphysics by natural philosophers is deeply rooted in modern pragmatic societies; perhaps rightly so as consistency, credibility and lack of a comprehensive theory has been heretofore emphatically lacking. In addition to the major problem of repeatability is the perceived distinction between domains of the physical and so-called ‘spiritual’ as mutually exclusive. In this work a strong case is made for the rigorous viability and near term putative implementation of a system of paraphysical jurisprudence drawing on the utility of a panoply of concepts. The remaining question is when does feasible become practical in the face of a steady increase in the heinous massacre of innocents? See

That Which Becomes by Steven E. Kaufman

That which becomes is the Formless, whereas that which the Formless causes to exist and knows as experience is form. When That which becomes knows Itself as the Formless there is then no delusion. But when That which becomes knows itself as form there is then only delusion.

An Exploration of the Process of Becoming an 'I' & the Quantum World of Realities (Part I, II, II & IV) by Rajesh S. Dagli

In this series of articles, the author analyses epistemological and ontological developments of a human being, in particular, development of an ‘I’ within each of us. It is postulated that each overall 'I' is an energy exchange reservoir, that is constantly interacting with infinite variety of other environmental fields, and thus itself undergoing continuous metamorphosis, exhibiting no defining characteristics for either its brain or body that are unchanged even for an instant. Thus, each 'I', is not a product, nor an entity that we all believe as remaining unchanged within each of us all through the life. Rather, it is a process - a long process running all through the life - connecting infinite states of an emerging overall 'I' from instant to instant, exhibiting innumerable avatars of 'duality' between the two extremes of a wave and a particle. Each said avatar comes into being only at the instant of an actualization interaction with an environment, which otherwise remains non-existent. The study concludes, perplexingly and painfully, that each 'I' is as much a quantum-like process as that of an atomic particle.

Part I of the four-part series of articles includes: Introduction; 1. Does God Play Dice? Yes and No; 2: Cartesian World View; & 3. Human Behavior & Consciousness. See

Part II of the four-part series of articles includes: 4. Relativity of Realities; 5. Connecting Mind & Matter; & 6. Becoming of an “I”. See

Part III of the four-part series of articles includes: 7. The Unchanging Entity “I”; 8. Awareness; 9. Dissection of an “I”; 10. Abstracting an Order – ‘I’; and 11. One Mind: Many Realms. See

Part IV of the four-part series of articles includes: 12. Randomness in Terms of Probabilities; 13. Wave-Particle Duality of an ‘I’; Conclusions; and References. See