Knowing without Mind, Unknown Factor in Life & Buddhist Psycho-Metaphysics

Knowing without Mind, Unknown Factor in Life & Buddhist Psycho-Metaphysics

Samapatti & Knowing without Mind: Explanation by Vedanta by Syamala Hari, Alan J. Oliver

Sampatti is a state of consciousness without or beyond the mind. In earlier articles, Sampatti experience was explained based on the philosophy of Patanjali written in Yoga Sutras dealing with Consciousness and mind. By getting into the Sampatti state one of the authors of this article (Oliver) could heal physical and psychological afflictions of some people and animals. The experiences of the healer and the healed subjects in such Sampatti sessions are ‘anomalies’ and make one wonder whether consciousness is what we usually think it is. In this article, we analyze some of the questions about consciousness, which arise because of the anomalous nature of Sampatti experiences of both the healer/seer and the subjects. In the analysis, we use an analogy between a living being (with a body and mind) and a computer (with hardware and stored software) to describe some fundamental concepts common to different branches of Vedanta. We find that the Sampatti experiences are consistent with and can be explained by Vedanta in general, as well as by the Yoga philosophy of Patanjali. See

Karma: The Unknown Factor in Life by Domadal Pramod

This paper illustrates and discusses conscious parts of a body, relation between karma and soul, karma and inheritance, karma and passion, karma and curse, law of karma, spiritual code of a soul, genius children, great souls, purpose of spirituality being purification of karma and finally, the need for scientific analysis. These topics are presented with known facts available in the literature. See

Life in Parallel Worlds & Buddhist Psycho-Metaphysics (Part I & II)
Graham P. Smetham

Michael B. Mensky’s quantum spiritual psycho-metaphysics is an overarching paradigm for a post-materialist science and philosophy, and his work in this area is of immense significance for the modern world. His quantum-spiritual psycho-metaphysics is entirely consistent with ‘mystical’ insights, in particular it is coherent with Buddhist psycho-metaphysics. Mensky’s quantum psycho-metaphysical paradigm succeeds dramatically by indicating that both Life and consciousness are fundamental internal aspects of quantum reality, Mensky’s ‘Alterverse’. Furthermore, according to Mensky’s quantum psycho-metaphysical model of the process of reality Life and consciousness are unfolded from the quantum realm through the operation of an inner teleological ‘pressure’ which Mensky calls the ‘Life-Principle’. This remarkable conceptual revolution, which shatters the materialist madness of many contemporary physicists and philosophers, is entirely consistent and coherent with the metaphysical insights of quantum theory and it corresponds closely with central Buddhist psycho-metaphysical doctrines such as karma and rebirth. Also, according to Mensky’s quantum spiritual worldview, the endpoint of the long chain of rebirths is enlightenment. See ;

The Matrix of Form by Steven E. Kaufman

The Universe is just the Unchanging flowing through an opening that has arisen within Itself. The One appearing as the many. Lost in the appearance, identified with the appearance, the underlying Actuality vanishes while always still there as That which is aware of all appearances. In this way the Changeless, while flowing through the opening that is the human Form, becomes lost in a matrix of form. And so humanity seems trapped within that matrix, within the matrix of form. But beyond that matrix is not some hidden hellscape, but is the paradise lost of our own formless Being. It is the matrix of form in which we are lost, in which we have trapped ourselves, that is the hellscape, the arena of suffering, we wish to escape. See

Omnipresence by Steven E. Kaufman

The omnipresence and omniscience of what we call God, of what we call Consciousness, is nothing special, for it is simply a function of the nature of the Universe, which includes the nature of That of which the universe is composed. God pervades what seems to be there, what appears to be there, because God is What Is Actually There. Consciousness pervades what seems to be there, what appears to be there, because Consciousness is What Is Actually There. See

Something from Nothing by Steven E. Kaufman

Because the absence of nothing cannot be, nothing is not absent, but is present. And this Presence, which is Nothing, is that which creates something. Nothing creates something by forming a relation with the only thing that actually is, which is Nothing. And the something which is created by Nothing is known by that Nothing as reality. See

Christmas Consciousness by Steven E. Kaufman

Christmas is not ultimately a celebration of the physical birth of a certain person. That is just the excuse that Consciousness uses to throw a party celebrating the Awakening of Itself to the Christ-Consciousness, to the unity and oneness of Itself that lies hidden and obscured behind all appearances. Peace on Earth, good will toward men. Not just an empty slogan, but what naturally arises within any Consciousness that sees past the appearance of "I am this" and "you are that," and into the underlying Isness, and so into the underlying Oneness, and so into the singular "I am" that lies beyond the appearance of two things where there is only ever actually one Nothing. See

Is There a God? by Himangsu S. Pal

For nothing to be proper nothing, the non-existence of everything must not have any existence. That means nothing can only be proper nothing by not existing at all. That will further mean that only something can exist and not nothing. So we arrive at the conclusion that before the beginning of the universe there was something, and not nothing, from which our universe has originated. If the universe has originated from something, then that will mean that before the origin of the universe there was nothing else other than that something. This initial something was neither in any space nor in any time. Being spaceless and timeless it will also be changeless, immortal, all-pervading, one, unborn, uncreated, without any beginning, without an end, everlasting and non-composite. This something is God. See

On Mystical & Scientific Timelessness by Himangsu S. Pal

Some mystics who had direct experience of God claimed that time is unreal. According to modern science, for light time would stop. Can there be two types of timelessness: one mystical & another scientific? See